For your Convenience

Ready Egg Products manufacture a range of high quality Pasteurised Liquid Egg Products, Hard Boiled Eggs and Scrambled Egg in convenient pack sizes to suit all requirements.

Our flexible approach allows us to supply a diverse range of customers across the UK and Ireland.  Our aim is to be supplier of choice offering value, quality and service.

Liquid Egg

Alongside the basic products of whole hen egg, yolk and white we also produce value added products such as:

  • Salted Whole Egg/Yolk
  • Sugared White/Yolk
  • Egg and milk mix

Pack sizes: 1 ltr carton, 10 kg bag in box, 15 kg bag in box, 1 ton pallecon

Hard Boiled Egg

Hard-boiled eggs are packed in a preservative solution into either a Rovema pouch or a bucket (3kg or 6Kg).  We also produce an Egg Mayonnaise mix.

Scrambled Egg

Liquid egg is filled into a pouch and scrambled for use in the food industry.

Shell Egg

To ensure a Select Farm supply for Marks and Spencer customers we have approximately 500,000 Free Range birds contracted through local Northern Ireland farmers.  Our producer base is constantly growing in line with demand.

We also have 375,000 colony cage birds on site producing eggs for either the wholesale market, or the egg processing market, depending on demand.